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Buy your official Red Hats For Trump hat today to proudly show your support for our President Donald Trump. With more than 500 hats given away in person around the Myrtle Beach area we now are going National. Buy your MAGA hat and clothing today.

Red Hats For Trump believes there is a new movement that has started and guarantees to get attention. Most of the American people are not happy with either party or the way they get thing done. (NOT DONE) Most Americans want the people they elect to work together and compromise for the betterment of our country. Between Democrats being obstructionists and Republicans not working with our president for their own personal gains, we the American people suffer.

Red Hats For Trump!

Picture on left is the very first red hat that stated the movement

Picture on bottom left is of SC Governor McMaster with hat number 601 and Lt Governor Pamela Evette hat number 602 at a rally just before the elections 2018

Bottom right Gerri McDaniel Former State Director for DJT receiving hat number 500 in a ceremony with Eric Bolling as host

The Red Hat Movement is in support of Donald Trump and his vision for the future of our country

Our message is clear "Wear a Red Hat It will make a difference".  

When It All Started!

It is time for a change in direction in our politics. We as a people must understand what is at stake and work together once again to do what is right. We worked behind the scenes to get Donald Trump elected, now we must once again work to get people elected that share his dreams to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Donald Trump’s statement of America First is resonating and getting the attention from many of us. Red Hats for Trump will support any group that will help any new hopeful running for political office with little or no experience and will actively support our president.

Red hats for Trump started as a grass roots movement in Myrtle Beach Jan 2016 with about twenty people and a simple idea to have people wear red hats in support of Donald Trump. We started with plain red hats with Trump stickers on them; the idea was to see as many people as possible wearing red hats at rallies.

We than bought red make America great again hats and gave them away to anyone that said they liked the hat. The hats went to people from all over the country as they were here in Myrtle Beach on vacation. Most of the hats were given away at restaurants in and around Myrtle Beach. Red hats for Trump is very proud and believes we helped Donald Trump in some way. The year leading up to his election and as long as he is in office we are committed to Donald Trumps agenda and his vision for America.

order your red hat