Our Story

The idea started when we saw Donald Trump getting off a plane wearing a red Make America Great Again hat in the fall of 2015. In Jan 2016 we got a few Trump supporters together and wore simple red hats to start the group (Red Hats For Trump). Feb. 3rd 2016 at 16 Avenue, N. Myrtle Beach at Trump headquarters with Gerri McDaniel, the idea became a grassroots movement. We started with about twenty people with the idea to get as many people as possible to wear red hats to support Donald Trump for president. The first 80 hats were plain red hats with Trump 2016 stickers on them. We posted on every social media outlet we could to get the idea out about wearing a red hat. We started numbering the hats with #81, when we starting giving out Make America Great Again red hats.

We have given out over 600 hats as of Nov. 2018 and have posted thousands and thousands of pictures and comments that have been shared many times and re posted about the power that wearing a red Make America Great Again hat can have in support of our president.The proof is when our president Donald Trump said at a rally on March 10, 2018 in Moon Township Pa. "LOOK AT ALL THOSE RED HATS, and THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM".

Red Hats For Trump have been honored to have given hats to a few notable people. Cory Lewandowski,Bill Mitchell, Eric Boling, Laura Ingraham, Pastor Mark Burns and Kevin Jackson to name a few. We have expanded to give people all over the country an opportunely to buy an official Red Hats For Trump hat. BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT